BACK PAINS! What should I do?

Welcome back everybody,

Last week I spoke about osteoporosis, its cause, and effect on the human body.

This week I want to about the importance of movement, as to relate to back pain and give you guys a few simple tipps you can use.

I hope lasts week blog post didn’t scare you away from reading any of my blogs. I just had to lay this information out there because I find it important to know more about the biological aspects of our health. If you’re not comfortable going to the gym and using any of the equipment that’s out there or are simply just clueless on what to do, it’s totally fine, don’t worry – I got you!

Before we go further into the topic, I want to lay the foundation down and explain to you guys what movement is and why it is important.

To keep it very simple, according to Merriam Webster, a movement is the change of pace or change of position or posture. Our bodies were created to move into different positions and directions – this done slowly or fast. Movement isn’t just tied to sports or athleticism; movement is generally speaking everything and can be tied to everything like a walk to the park, getting out of bed, sitting on a chair or just simply typing on the phone. To be able to move all parts of your body is a blessing, remember not everyone can do that.

So why is moving for us so important?

Simply because we were created to move and this in multidirectional ways than just one way or not at all.

For the past days, I’ve been sitting behind the laptop a lot. I deal with back pains all the time, what you need to know is that I’ve been born with scoliosis (a spinal condition, where the spine is curved like an S). So, I’m doomed – LITERALLY lol – if I don’t move at all. I remember the doctor telling me that I would be required to be physically active my entire life. Otherwise, this condition is going to take me out or make life much harder for me. This is one of the reasons why I become a trainer and why I’m so detail oriented when it comes to my work.

Form over function, meaning to move in my training sessions the right way, instead of just anyhow is a priority and something that I have any client of mine brainwashed to before starting our sessions. I evaluate every client’s posture, their hip mobility, and core stability, before doing anything with them. So, I think I know how people that sit behind the desk, all day, feel. Most of you probably deal with back pains very often, go get a massage for relieving, head over to the doctor, do physical therapy; but never really get the issue out the way.

I don’t have the cure for back pains, sorry to disappoint you, but I do have some tools that you can use in order to minimize and eventually erase the pain. This can be done in various ways, but I’m going to give you guys three tips you should do DAILY which will help minimize your back pains.



Very simple, still complex but easy to follow. Whenever you’re sitting at your desk or are at home on your couch/chair. Sit upright that means, retract (or squeeze) your shoulder blades together, poking your chest out, placing your feet shoulder width apart and draw-in your belly button (bracing your core). Hold this position for 30 seconds, release and repeat these five times. You can easily do this more than once a day. You can do this first thing in the morning, in your car, at your desk, at lunch and dinner.


It may sound weird but trust me it is essential to minimizing your back pains. Here’s why back pain mainly results from having weak hamstrings and gluteus muscles. The hamstrings are attached to the lower back, therefore, if the hamstring isn’t well developed (tight or just weak) it brings tension into the lower back and this results in experiencing pain in the back.

If you could squeeze your glutes, tighten it together, as if you need to run to the restroom to do a number two, but there’s no restroom in sight (:D nasty I know, but effective!); for 30 seconds five times back to back, you won’t necessarily erase the issue, but it is a start to fixing the problem. Don’t forsake small beginnings guys, I know it doesn’t look like much, but this is foundational and it’s needed.


If you’re comfortable with the first two and could execute this easily, then is it the time to incorporate body exercises, such as working on the lower extremities of the body or core specific exercises, into your daily regime. If you don’t attend the gym it’s totally fine, if you don’t feel comfortable to do any exercises on your own that’s fine too. In my next post, I’m going to give you guys five bodyweight strength exercises that you guys can easily do without any help, anywhere and at any given time. I will insert pictures and guide you guys, step by step, on how to perform these exercises without hurting yourself and reaping the long-term benefits from it.

With that being said guys, I hope this information was helpful. Stay tuned guys and see you here soon!

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