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Osteoporosis? Osteo.. whet?

As a trainer, I receive a lot of inquiries from women on my services, however, whenever I bring up lifting weights or design a program that consists of weight training – some not all, women shy away or are simply afraid, thinking they’ll end up looking like men.

Gluten-free or nah?

Before I head on and share my two cents I’d like to go ahead and explain what gluten even is. In general, is gluten, just a protein form that’s found in wheat, barley, rye and oats. Gluten helps maintaining the shape and gives elasticity to the dough. If you’re new to it you’re probably wondering […]


To eat them or to not eat them? Simple, just EAT them.. The notoriety about cutting out carbs from your diet amongst the fitness industry is vast spread. About 80% of my new clients, often women, believe to only lose weight through a low-carb diet. Well, I’m not here to d ebate, whether a low-carb […]


So I have been shooting a #Documentary concerning my life… It is one of my heart desire not to die without impacting people’s life. I want to leave everything here on earth, so that when the day of departure comes – I can look Him in the eye and say I gave everything you’ve given […]

Soul ties and hardships

What’s up? It’s been quite a while… I’ve been ask a multiple times, by a friend, to speak about this huge topic that is highly unspoken of. At first I wasn’t so sure how to go about it, but I think I’ve found the right words to share with you guys. When I think about „Soul ties and hardships“ […]

The cycle of Relationships

It is interesting to see, how people jump from one relationship to the next; in hopes of finding, what was missing in the previous relationship. Let me tell you – the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. What you see isn’t necessarily what you’re going to get – looks are deceiving. If you […]

You reap what you sow.

I totally believe that we’re all equal before God; we’re all his sons & daughters. What makes us different isn’t so much who we are before God, but how we approach life – which He gave us. “God is not a respecter of person, but a respecter of principles” – Bishop T.D. Jakes God created […]

Basic principles on living a life after Christ

In God’s kingdom everything is structured and serves its purpose, there’s nothing occurring just because. God’s laws still exist today and there is no one able to achieve a goal without sticking to its required principles. In order to be successful, life will require some of your sacrifices. Note that this blog entry isn’t promoting […]

Why women shouldn’t seek after men.

You know without being too spiritual, I’ll explain to you in a simple way, why women should not seek after men. I have found it extremely disturbing to see women take on a position they haven’t been equipped for. I say this not to offend women,  I’m not a misogynistic – I love y’all, but it’s […]